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Week 5

"The Gods Aren't Angry"  by Rob Bell.

Full video below.
Two helpful summaries:

My thoughtful spot: Rob Bell: The Gods Aren't Angry Tour

the god's aren't angry [synopsis] | podunk PoMo

These are the Moodle instructions.

Pick any five of questions 1-10 below to answer.
Everyone answer 11 and 12

1)Summary, review,.or what hit you?
 2)Say something about other gods (other than the biblical gods) mentioned  in the video
3)Say something about Abraham and altars
 4) How were the Abraham, Leviticus and Jesus stories calling culture forward, not backwards?
 5) How do contemporary people worship any of the ancient gods?  Give an example
6)What is the "culmination of the ages" and the"reconciliation of all ages"?
7)Say something about the temple and the Sadducces.
8)How would a member of your assigned party feel about this film, and why?
9)Talk about repentance
10)What does the speaker suggest is the role of  a ritual?
11)What is the thesis of the film in a succinct sentence or two?
12)Which of the many stories/case studies he told about people  (in the second half of the video, starting with the two girls who cut themselves) did you appreciate most or relate to, and why?
optional 13)What will stay with you from this film and why? 


The rest of this series here.

Church PLANTS 
Design an ad for a new church.  The ad should include:

-Name of church
-Vision or mission or purpose statement
-When and where it will meet
-A logo, illustration, picture, or symbol
-Anything else important to include

The catch: Don't just design the church however you think one should look like; but use only the information in the following scriptures to guide you:
  • Matthew 16:13-20
  • Acts 2: 42-47
  • Acts 4:32-37
  • Romans 12:1-11
  • 1 Corinthians 12:27-31; 1 Corinthians 14:26-32
  • Ephesians 4:1-13
  • Philemon
  • any texts from Matthew  or Ephesians you remember from class that relate
Photo of what you came up with:

holy heteroclite:: the preacher is not in the Bible


the phrase"my pastor" is bad enough...'my Pastor" is w - See more at:
-more church plants

Provocative Kraybill quotes:

"The altar of a church building is no closer to God's heart than the restroom" (p. 163, read in context)

Related: see: God in the Bathroom?

"the basin, the cross and the tomb become pivotal signs of the new kingdom.  The cross has long served as the preeminent symbol-the  flag-of the Christian church.  Only looking at the cross, however. detracts us from its very reason for being.  Three upside down symbols flow together in the gospel story: the basin, the  cross, and the tomb.  The basin is actually the foremost Christian symbol. Jesus himself voluntarily selects a basin to capture the meaning of his ministry.  The crossis a Roman symbol, a harsh sign of the state's power to execute criminals.  The ruling powers used the  cross, an instrument of death, to respond to Jesus' basin initiatives.  But God has the last word with the empty tomb. It stands throughout the ages as sign of God's reign over they forces of evil." pp. 242, read all of  241-247

 2) "With one stroke, Jesus erases titles".."Titles are foreign to the Body of Christ.  (p 226-229)

Pastors in Kraybill's tradition (Mennonite) have not been historically comfortable with 

any title, really (and going way back, salaried pastors).. St. Paul (oops, Paul, the saint) didn't seem to be either. We call him "The Apostle Paul," but though he was entitled to, he never called himself that: "Paul (comma), an apostle."


Who is Jesus?

Bart Ehrman- - Video Clip | Comedy Central
Apr 9, 2009 - Stephen discusses Bart Ehrman's theory that the Bible contradicts itself. ... The Colbert Report. Menu. Home · Videos ... Bart Ehrman. April 9 ...
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Bart Ehrman- - Video Clip | Comedy Central
Jun 20, 2006 - Stephen and author Bart Ehrman mix it up about the Bible. ... The Colbert Report. Menu. Home · Videos ... Bart Ehrman. June 20, 2006 - BaCASE STUDY

"Jesus goes out to meet people, instead of waiting for people to come looking for Him...Today thplace for Christ is the streetthe place for the Christian is the street." -Pope Francis, 
Did you catch the chiasm in that quote?



>>How does the Kingdom "come" from the "future"?:

Many Jews of Jesus' day (and actually, the Greeks) thought of the Kingdom of God as largely a  future identity/reality/location.
So when Jesus, in Matthew 4:17 announces that he, as King, is ALREADY bringing in the Kingdom,
this not only subverted expectations, but sounded crazy....and like he was claiming to bring the future into the present.

The Jews talked often about "this age" (earth/now) and "the age to come." (heaven/future).
"Age to come" was used in a way that it was virtually synonymous with "The Kingdom."

Scripture suggests that:

The "age to come"  (the Kingdom) 
has in large part already come (from the future/heaven)

into "this age"

 (in the present/on the earth

by means of the earthy ministry of Jesus: King of the Kingdom.

Thus, Hebrews 6:4-8 offers that disciples ("tamidim") of Jesus have

"already (in this age) tasted the powers of the age to come."

In Jesus, in large part, the age to come has come.
The Future has visited the present,

"The presence of the Kingdom of God was seen as God’s dynamic reign invading the present age without (completely) transforming it into the age to come ” (George Eldon Ladd, p.149,The Presence of the Future.)

Here are some articles that may help:




sample case study Caution:  If you are doing the same case study, be sure to use your own ideas.  If your paper looks anywhere close to being inspired by this paper's content, it may be plagiariasm.
This sample is presented  primarily for mechanics/typos to give an example of a paper that could've been an A, but would flunk due to mechanics/errors alone.  Review the syllabus and rubric carefully .  Paper is here

: From Syllabus: use formal, academic writing; avoid the use of second person (“you”); avoid the use of contractions; utilize your word processor’s spelling and grammar tool

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