Monday, May 2, 2016

Shane Claiborne audio/videos

Glance at all ten titles  (note #10!)and see what looks interesting.
To check time lengths of each, just hit the play button.  Budget your time, so you listen/watch at least 45 minutes.1)Dave Wainscott and Keltic Ken interview Shane (Shane calls Dave an ass..preview of contents here and here
Listen below:
2)Is it a Sin to be Rich?

3)Sermon on Mount:

4)Jesus, Bombs and Ice Cream.,.Shane with Ben (of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream)

5)Swords into Plowshares:
6)Controversial Church Hashtags (watch for gated community reference) :
7)Relational Tithe:

8)Panel on Homosexuality with others
9)Such a Thing as Just War?/Jesus disarmed:
10)Upside Down Kingdom part 1:
Upside Down KingdomPart 2:

Upside Down Kingdompart 3:
 Upside Down Kingdompart 4

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